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The tattoo is eternal, so pay attention to it: Why is it important to listen carefully to what the tattoo master says?

The art of tattooing began its turbulent development when a prehistoric man realized that he could use signs to express himself.

Drawing on leather has been used throughout history for magical, religious, mystical purposes as an expression of attitude, opinion and while in some cultures it was taboo, in others it was celebrated and praised. Tattoo art has reached a high level in Belgrade as well, and tattoo artists have followed the trends properly and are now at the very top of the European tattoo stage.

When it comes to the history of tattooing, we must emphasize that it is a process that has developed over the centuries. It is known that priestesses in the temples of ancient Egypt wore tattoos dedicated to the goddesses they served and that was the act by which they were celebrated. Polynesians showed flaws, fears, hopes, but also life forces with their tattoos. Tattooing is a tradition, an ancient skill woven into society in the same way that ink stays in the skin.

On the other hand, tattooing had a more aesthetic meaning in Japan. It was beautiful, so it needed to be seen. Then it started to cover the whole body and it seems that this custom will continue for a long time.

Some Indian tribes, deeply and inextricably linked to the nature of North America, used tattooing as a status expression. The ornate tattoo shows a higher social status.

Unfortunately, with the modern age, the tattoo has faced disapproval. It was associated with the uncertain life of sailors, the criminal milieu and prostitutes. Fortunately, that period did not last long.

For several years now, the art of tattooing has been expanding. Tattooing is now a special culture that is divided into several branches and has ardent followers, and tattoo artists are highly valued artists who know the sound and magic of the tattooing device and use colours as the most beautiful notes.

Proud tattoo owners confidently show off with their colourful “pets”. They feel better, more confident and sexy. Tattooing is, in short, a way of life.

There are a few things you should know before the needle enters the first point of ink into the skin.


The first fact is that the tattoo stays forever. It can be remade, it can fade away, but worst of all, you may not like it after a few years, even though you adored it the moment you did it. This must be kept in mind before choosing a design and tattoo artist.

Accordingly, tattooing should not be rushed. A person develops and changes every day, matures and learns new things. A motive that is appealing in adolescence may lose its charm in some mature years.



In most cases, a tattoo has a deeply intimate and personal meaning. A person can choose a motive or character that already exists, can ask another person to make a unique design, and can also decide in consultation with the tattoo artist. Each tattoo parlour has a special book with motives that can be tattooed immediately.

Whether the tattoo is already designed or the design will be developed at the discretion of the person being tattooed, one must keep in mind the strict social norms that accompany life from time to time and accordingly select the body part for tattooing.


The master is an artist, and tattooing is extremely delicate and he/she certainly knows more about tattooing than the customer. The advice given by the tattoo master should be accepted. He/she knows best which part of the body is most painful for tattooing, whether and when the skin on a particular part of the body will stretch, as well as what the tattoo might look like after a few years.

Many tattoo masters are strict about customer requirements and refuse to tattoo numerous motives. And that is a decision that should not be questioned.


It must be taken in account that the skin differs from one person to another and reacts differently to the tattooing process.

Carefully choose the tattoo artist and have full confidence in him/her.

Always take care of your tattoo, not just immediately after tattooing.

A boost in self-confidence after getting a tattoo can be great for the body, so enjoy the sound of the tattoo device and the colours of the ink!


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The tattoo is eternal, so pay attention to it: Why is it important to listen carefully to what the tattoo master says?

The art of tattooing began its turbulent development when a prehistoric man realized that he could use signs to express himself.

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