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Proper tattoo care will keep it forever: All the important things you need to know about proper tattoo care

Every tattoo on the skin is a form of living art that moves everywhere with you, and in order to keep the colours, the shape and to heal properly, it requires adequate care.

The process of tattooing is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The tattoo is eternal and during its healing you have to provide it with everything it needs, and in the first place it is care, care and only care. Whether it is a new one or you are having done a tattoo over a tattoo you already have, try to follow the following tips.

The first 10 days of tattooing are most important for what the tattoo will later look like. In some tattoo parlours you will get adequate detailed advice that is very useful, but if the tattoo artist forgot to explain in detail how to properly take care of the skin after tattooing, this text will be of great use to you.

It is very important to take care of the hygiene of the tattooed skin one month after tattooing. Keep in mind that the skin needs proper healing after tattooing in order for it to preserve its shape and fullness of colour. When skin is tattooed, it is “injured” in some way and white spots or small scars may appear on it that cannot be removed so easily. Tattooed skin requires full attention, and if you provide it, your tattoo will be beautiful and fresh for a long time. That is why it is important that after tattooing you follow all the tips given to you by the tattoo artist.

After the tattoo heals, it is time for regular tattoo protection and care with the help of a specially designed Tattoo Bodyguard Aftercare tattoos from aging, shape change and colour loss.

Note that the tattoo may fade over time, get white spots or change shape. If you provide quality and regular care to your tattoos, your tattoo will be protected.

The following are detailed instructions for preserving a fresh tattoo:

1. Always wash your hands well before touching the tattoo!

2. When you get home after a tattoo: remove the protection within two hours of getting the tattoo. Do not wrap it again. A new tattoo must breathe, as does any open wound.

3. Wash the tattoo with antibacterial liquid soap. Be gentle, do not use a sponge or any skin peeling agent. Use only hands.

4. Gently pat the tattoo with a paper towel to dry after washing. Do not rub or use a cloth with a rough surface.

5. The first 3-4 days after tattooing: Rub a small amount of skin ointment on your tattoo. You can use any oily product intended for skin care, but it is important that it be alcohol-free. Make sure your hands are clean before applying it on the tattoo and do not touch the ointment after touching the tattoo. Be sure to rub in the ointment so that the tattoo is not shiny or greasy - you want the smallest possible amount, at frequent intervals. Remove excess grease with a clean paper towel. Do not use Vaseline, kerosene or similar agents. Wash, dry and apply ointment 3-5 times a day, as needed.

6. The first night after tattooing, protect the tattoo to prevent it from sticking to the bedding. Do not use bandages or pads, as the fibres may adhere to the open wound of the tattoo and interfere with the healing process.

7. During the first two weeks, wear clean, soft clothes - nothing abrasive or irritating. For a foot tattoo: walk barefoot as much as possible. If you have to wear shoes, first wrap a clean tattoo in cellophane foil, and then a clean cotton sock before putting a shoe on. Avoid sandals or flip flops during this period to prevent damaging the tattoo.

8. After the 3rd or 4th day: on the third or fourth day, your tattoo will start to peel. That is normal! Do not scratch the skin. Start care with a mild, white lotion without colours and perfumes.

9. Use the lotion for at least 2 weeks, 1-2 times a day.

Things to avoid:

1. Do not scratch, peel, punch, rub or irritate your new tattoo.

2. Take a shower, but don’t soak the tattoo for 2 weeks. There should be no swimming, soaking in water or hot bath for at least two weeks after tattooing.

3. Do not expose the tattoo to the sun for at least 3 weeks after tattooing, after that you must use a cream with a protective factor.

4. Do not wear abrasive materials, jewellery or shoes that rub against your tattoo.

5. Do not allow anyone to touch your tattoo unless they wash their hands.

6. Be on watch when it comes to your equipment for gym equipment; wash it well before use.

It may be useful for you to:

1. Put ice on your tattoo to reduce swelling.

2. Keep your tattoo elevated to reduce swelling.

3. Take a short shower.


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