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Odea for the care of the most intimate parts of the body

There’s a new tendency in cosmetic industry, pertaining to care of intimate parts of woman’s body.
Odea focused its research to protection, prevention and anti – age treatment of most intimate and most delicate parts of woman’s body. Odea line of products is developed from the strong conviction that the beauthy evolves through years, and that no woman should ever hide her confidence and her charm.

Different kinds of microorganisms live in vaginal zone, and their number changes with years, hormonal status, sexual activity and general health of a woman. Vaginal pH has important role, as it favorizes backing lactobacillus to vaginal epithelium, which make t sour and protect from infections or abnormal reactions of organism to certain substances (Allergenes) such as syntetic fibers from underwear and other clothing items.

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Odea logo Odea tekst Latest generation of Odea products for skin care based on probiotic technology protects the beauty of a woman in whole.
ProRenew Complex
  • Probiotic for optimization of well being of intimate areas increases production of protein enzymes and protens that are of crucial significance.
  • This improves cell cohesion and contributes to creating of effect of faster epithelial regeneration.
  • ProRenew Complex helps to maintain the pH levels, protecting them from ptential infections, improves hydratation and strengthens skin barrier.
Extract of red immortelle – Helichrysum Italicum
  • Revitalizes and regenerates skin, slowing the aging process of the skin
  • Antioxidant, protects skin from stress and regenerates cells.
Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethiconol
  • Offers comfortable feeling by creating the feeling of softness on intimate parts.
  • No counterindications on the latex of the preservative.
  • Thanks to amazing abilities of lubrication and maintanence of moisture, it prevents potential skin injuires.
  • No side effects when using condoms.
  • Set of natural ingredients with antimicrobial effect.
  • Efficient in fight against bacteria that can cause unpleasant smell. Suited to sensitive zones.
  • Scent of roses that come from natural ingredients creates pleasant smell and guarantees pleasant feeling of freshness during the entire day.
Hylauronic acid (cube 3)
  • New generation of hylauronic acid with bigger number of small and large molecules influences various skin conditions.
  • Protects constant hydratation, improves easticity and skin tone.
  • Small peptide that reduces dimensions of deterioration, thin cuts and healing of tissue.
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis in humans. Strengthens elasticity and skin tone.
Extract of rose
  • Pleasant feeling of scent of rose.
  • Helps with the process of skin regeneration (faster wound healing).
  • Improves structure and preserves permanent skin moisture.
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ODEA products are:
  • Skin – friendly
  • Without parabens
  • Without preservatives
  • Without petroleum
  • Without hormones
  • Without steroids
  • Without smell
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Nothing happens by accident. This is in the core of ODEA’s mission with the goal of providing solutions suited to most delicate skin. For soft and silky skin during the whole day.
When to use ODEA skin products:
  • When skin and mucous membrane thin out and lose elasticity;
  • When local areas need necessary lubrication;
  • When pH values are changed;
  • When areas of vulva and vagina have dryness problems.
How to use ODEA products:
  • Before and after intimate relations;
  • During the day, so constant care of intimate parts is maintained;
  • ODEA is applied to external parts;
  • ODEA intimate serum can be used for prolonged periods of time.
Considering neutrality and imbalance, ODEA offers a palette of products for intimate care, for very independent women. Good balance between unique ingredients and innovative technologies, sciantifically proven ODEA products are safe and efficient, while offering guaranteed results, with clear, true and direct informations.

Serum for intimate area with probiotics and hylauronic acid for the maintenence of health of intimate areas.

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89.90 EUR
Benefits of our product:
  • Helps with vaginal dryness;
  • Keeps skin soft;
  • Reduces ithcing, tickling and potential irritation;
  • Reduces infection occurence;
  • It repairs the epithelium of the skin;
  • Provides a pleasant freshness throughout the day;
  • Sensiva offers safe protection against odors.
  • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, Hyaluronic acid (Cube3), Helichrysum Italicum extract, Panthenol, Collagen, Rosa floral extract.
  • 50ml

Serum for intimate zone with anti – age peptide and hylauronic acid for improvement of elasticity of intimate parts.

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89.90 EUR
Benefits from the products:
  • Slows the skin – aging process;
  • Regenerates epidermis;
  • Ensures appropriate moisture of intimate parts;
  • Makes intimate parts less painful;
  • Improves skin – tone and elasticity of the skin in intimate areas.
  • Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5), hylauronic acid (cube 3), extract of Helichrysum arenarium, panthenol, collagen, extract of rose.
  • 30ml
ODEA developed new cosmetic philosophy by offering targeted and clinically tested solutions.
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1. What is ODEA?

ODEA is a collection of products for preserving the health and function of the female intimate region. The collection consists of two serums for intimate care intended for sexually active women, created in order to preserve and prolong a woman’s healthy sexual function.

2. How do ODEA serums work?

Primarily, ODEA serums prolong the moisture of the vaginal mucosa and prevent dryness and thus irritations in the form of tingling and itching, which makes the intimate region safe. When it comes to the interior of the vagina, they are ideal for reducing discomfort during intimate intercourse caused by pain due to dryness and reduced elasticity of the vaginal wall. ODEA serums maintain health and keep the pH acidic and thus reduce the incidence of infections.
** ODEA also takes care of the external appearance of the vagina - it softens the hair, providing a silky feeling throughout the day. At the same time, it prevents clogging of pores and hair growth due to frequent depilation. ODEA is there to preserve the health of a woman’s intimate region.

3. What is the difference in ODEA serums and should I use both serums at the same time?

In addition to hyaluronic acid, ODEA YOUTH serum also contains a probiotic complex, which protects the vaginal flora and keeps the pH acidic. Owing to probiotics, the barrier function of the vaginal mucosa is strengthened, which contributes to reducing the frequency of bacterial and fungal infections. The complex of active components from the serum quickly stops itching, tingling and irritation. ODEA Youth serum can be used by women of all ages who are sexually active.
ODEA AWARE RENEWAL SERUM - is primarily intended for sexually active women after the age of 40, to meet the needs arising from changes in hormonal balance. The vagina, like our skin, is subject to aging, which leads to poorer blood circulation, poor elasticity, which leads to a decrease in libido. Therefore, pain can often occur during sexual intercourse, which can significantly affect all aspects of a woman’s life, and even leave consequences on the woman’s psyche.
In addition to hyaluronic acid, ODEA AWARE RENEWAL serum also contains a peptide whose role is to rejuvenate and give elasticity to the intimate region. Owing to the combination of active ingredients, it slows down aging and restores the epithelium of the mucous membrane. The long-lasting moisture that the serum creates reduces dryness as well as discomfort caused by tingling and itching. Also, the feeling of freshness and comfort remains throughout the day.

4. Should I use both serums at the same time?

Both serums are not used at the same time. If you are a young, sexually active woman, or you have problems with frequent infections as well as tingling, we recommend ODEA YOUTH SERUM with PROBIOTICS. If you are over 40 years old and as established by your gynaecologist, the wall of your vagina is of reduced elasticity, with accelerated aging of the mucosal epithelium and extremely painful intercourse, then we recommend ODEA AWARE RENEWAL rejuvenation serum.

5. How and when should ODEA serums be applied and are they applied only externally to the mucosa?

You can use ODEA serums daily if you suffer from frequent infections or unpleasant dryness that creates tingling and itching. If unpleasant odours develop, ODEA serums will also help maintain freshness throughout the day.
You can use ODEA serums every second or third day as needed to preserve the vitality of the vaginal mucosa.
If you have painful and unpleasant intimate intercourse, we advise you that it is best that the serum be applied just before intercourse in order to reduce the unpleasant friction that can lead to irritation and cracking of the mucous membrane.
ODEA SERUMS are applied to the vagina and lips in a layer that alleviates some of the problems. Also, if the intercourse is very painful, we recommend that a man should apply ODEA serum himself in order to increase the lubricating effect.
It is not necessary to use an applicator when applying the serum.

6. Are ODEA serums a drug and can they replace a medical treatment?

ODEA SERUMS ARE NOT A MEDICINE and cannot be used as a substitute for a medicine or cream against bacterial and fungal infections.

7. Can I use ODEA serum several times a day?

You can use ODEA serums several times during the day, if you need to.

8. I had gynaecological surgery, can I use Odea serums and which serum is recommended?

Due to its unique composition and hyaluronic acid, Odea serums can be used after the wound healing period. Serums will certainly accelerate epithelial renewal and healing. After the intervention, due to the strengthening of the barrier function of the wall of the vaginal mucosa, we recommend ODEA YOUTH SERUM with probiotics. If you have any doubts, consult your gynaecologist.

9. I have ovarian cysts, can I use serum?

You can use the serums without regard to ovarian cysts, because the serums act locally and do not affect the ovarian function or the problems that women have with the ovaries.

10. What is the effect of hyaluronic acid in serums for the intimate region?

Hyaluronic acid in ODEA serums is a molecule with several chains that act on several layers starting from the superficial to the deeper layer of the vaginal mucosa. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that provides long-lasting moisture and at the same time improves the elasticity and strength of the mucous wall, rejuvenating it.

11. I am 20 years old, can I use the serum?

If you are a sexually active woman, you can use ODEA YOUTH serum with probiotics.

12. Is ODEA serum also used during the menstrual cycle?

Odea serums are not used during the menstrual cycle.

13. Can I use Odea serum if my husband uses a condom?

You can use Odea serums during sexual intercourse, but you must keep in mind that Odea serums are not a contraceptive, i.e., do not protect against unwanted pregnancy. Odea serums have a distinct lubricating effect and relieve pain and dryness of the vagina during intimate relationships.

14. Can I use serum even though I use hormone therapy?

Odea serums are based on hyaluronic acid and are safe to use. Doctors approve it with hormone therapy. But if you have any doubts, always consult your gynaecologist first.

15. I gave birth a month ago. Can I use Odea serum?

You can use Odea Youth serum with probiotics after childbirth but when the bleeding stops.

16. I entered menopause early, which is why I am worried because all women talk about pain during intimate intercourse, how can ODEA serums help me?

You should not be worried about entering menopause, it is a natural for every woman and it represents the shutdown of reproductive functions. Of course, significant changes occur in the body due to the action of hormones. The changes that take place on the vaginal mucosa are its thinning and increased sensitivity of its nerve endings. All this can lead not only to dryness, but also to unpleasant pain during intimate intercourse.
You can choose any ODEA serum to use and our recommendation is daily use to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, increase the moisture of the vagina and its firmness and elasticity. Also, our recommendation is to use Odea serum before every intimate intercourse, and if irritation and tingling occurs after intercourse, also apply it to the area of the vagina and lips.

17. My appearance does not reveal my age, constant care has contributed to that, but I am slowly losing my libido, which reflects on my self-confidence, sometimes I am desperate because I am no longer a playful young girl, I kindly ask for some advice.

Aging is a biological process and therefore our skin ages. Here is how it is reflected: first in the loss of freshness, elasticity, change of complexion to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Of course, modern cosmetology and aesthetic surgery have contributed to the years being “erased” at least visibly. As we take care of our facial skin on a daily basis, we should also take care of the health and vitality of our intimate region on a daily basis.
Not much was said and no attention was paid to the care of the intimate region until recently. However, since we have opposed time, it can be said that a woman remains not only young in appearance but also in her spirit. Women today remain sexually active for longer, so it is no longer a coincidence to meet a woman in her 70s who is having sex.
Due to the changes that take place in the body and reduced oestrogen secretion, a woman loses libido with age. But libido is not only affected by hormones, but also by other factors. There are women in their late years who are full of life and there are also women who are constantly tired, spend time in bed or at home and are often depressed.
We, as experts in the field of anti-aging, have paid special attention to the care of a woman’s intimate region, with the firm belief that beauty grows over the years and that no woman should hide her self-confidence and attractiveness.
ODEA SERUMS are created with active ingredients that not only protect your intimate health but also contain ingredients that resist time and rejuvenate your intimate zone.

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