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Tattoo Bodyguard is a treatment designed for tattoos and tattooed skin aftercare. It is unique and exclusive care with the help of which the tattoo will recover its original shine, shape and clarity of lines and colours. The tattoo does not change or age, and the skin is nourished and protected at the same time. The treatment is used after the tattoo on the body has healed and before it starts to lose its sharpness and clarity.

The active ingredients of vegetable oils and butter, which are selected by careful selection, ensure:

-          Preservation of colour, shape and clarity of the tattoo lines and prevention against fading. Provision of the tattoo required care.

-          Prevention of tattoo aging and ensuring elasticity to tattooed skin, especially when the tattoo is exposed and in a visible place.

-          Hydration for up to 72 hours.

-          Soothing irritation and redness, relieving itching

-          Skin protection against UV rays, free radicals and pollution, because it is crucial for a tattoo to have as good aftercare as possible, no matter where it is located on the skin.

Extremely high quality, carefully selected herbal mixture affects the layer of skin that is tattooed and ensures full day hydration of the skin and provision of all necessary ingredients, nourishment and hydration, so that all the necessary elements are provided both on the skin and in the skin and the tattoo aftercare. It prevents clogging of pores and accumulation of pollution particles on the surface of the skin, which in this case refers to free radicals, pollution and UV rays.

Tattoo Bodyguard is intended for everyone who gets a tattoo, who wants that his/her tattoo retains strong colours forever and who wants to keep a defined shape with well-groomed skin, as well as for professionals and tattoo artists who take care of their clients and their works.

Active ingredients: Hydroviton plus - complex with Hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, Shea Butter, Dragosine, NeoActipone Rooibos, SymCareO

Application: The treatment is applied depending on the time of year.

Spring/Summer: Apply daily to clean skin; Autumn/winter: the treatment is applied for three weeks (21 days), in the morning and in the evening on clean skin.

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