The tattoo is a reflection of your personality, so take care of it and keep it from fading

The Bodyguard tattoo is designed to provide perfect care and is intended for everyone who wants to preserve the beauty of their tattoos.
The Bodyguard Aftercare tattoo is a premium body butter that uses the innovative ingredients that have been proven to protect tattoos from aging, shape change and colour loss. The active ingredients of Tattoo Bodyguard products successfully fight against all causes that can damage the skin on which the tattoo is located.

We believe that every tattoo is unique and represents a work of art, but that work of art must always be nurtured in the right way to be in its full splendour.
By creating Tattoo Bodyguard, the Mesmerie team of professionals has complemented their knowledge in the field of anti-aging into top quality products intended for tattoo lovers and artists. We know how important everyday care is for every tattoo to preserve its artistic imprint.

Benefits Tattoo Bodyguard Aftercare body butter

  • - Anti-aging
  • - Preserves the tattoo colour and prevents its whitening
  • - 72 h prolonged hydration
  • - Soothes redness and irritation
  • - Prevents itching
  • - Protects skin cells at the DNA level from damage caused by external factors (UV rays, pollution, free radicals)

A natural environment for the active ingredients of Tattoo Bodyguard products

The active ingredients that keep the tattoo healthy and unchanged for many years are immersed in a natural base made of the highest quality coconut oil and shea butter that nourish and regenerate the skin, while preventing clogging of pores and accumulation of contaminated particles on the skin surface..

Active Ingredients of Tattoo Bodyguard body butter for tattoo protection

ANTI-AGING (Dragosine)

Against aging and changing of the tattoo shape
  • - Pure peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis and rejuvenates the skin
  • - Prevents cell damage at the DNA level, which occurs due to the action of external factors (UV rays, sun, wind, pollution)
  • - Affects the improvement of skin elasticity

(NeoActipone Rooibos)

Tattoo colour protection

A herbal extract of organic origin that protects the colour of the tattoo and prevents it from whitening

  • - Antioxidant
  • - Anti-irritant


A soothing effect

A herbal extract of organic origin that protects the colour of the tattoo and prevents it from whitening.

  • - Quickly prevents redness and irritation
  • - Relieves itching
  • - Soothes the skin
  • - Improves the softness and elasticity of the skin

(Hydrobviton plus - complex with Hyaluronic acid)

  • - Quickly hydrates the skin and leaves it moisturized for up to 72 hours

PANTHENOL – Vitamin B5

  • - Rapid regeneration of skin epithelium
  • - Prevents the formation of wounds and scars that can damage the tattoo appearance


For easier spreading
  • - Provides natural UV protection


  • - With hydrating abilities
  • - For easier spreading
  • - Ideal for dry and sensitive regions

Tattoo Bodyguard products do not contain

  • - Mineral oils
  • - Vaseline
  • - Silicone
  • - Parabens


An original premium body butter designed to preserve the appearance of the tattoo and the skin beneath the tattoo.

The active ingredients combined in natural vegetable oils and butter provide:

  • - Light spreading and hydration for up to 72 hours
  • - They preserve the colour of the tattoo and prevent its whitening
  • - They preserve the tattoo shape
  • - They prevent skin aging and change of the tattoo appearance
  • - They soothe redness and irritation
  • - They relieve itching
  • - They protect the skin from damage caused by external factors (UV rays, pollution, free radicals)
  • - They improve skin elasticity and softness

The natural base of the butter is made of selected and extremely high-quality herbal mixtures, provides all-day nutrition and skin regeneration, ensuring a radiant and defined tattoo glow and appearance. At the same time, it prevents clogging of pores and accumulation of contaminated particles from the external environment on the skin surface. The product is available in the packages of 30 ml and 125 ml.

Tattoo Bodyguard butter should be applied daily to the tattooed part of the skin after the healing period.

FAQ Tattoo BodyGuard treatment - your tattoo aftercare

1. What is Tattoo BodyGuard?

Tattoo BodyGuard butter is a tattoo aftercare treatment. It is used throughout the year, depending on the season. During autumn and winter, it is applied for three weeks on the tattooed skin, while during the warm months, it is applied on a daily basis.
The base of the treatment is made of carefully selected high quality herbal mixtures. All this provides all-day care and nutrition to the skin surface and tattoos, by regenerating the tattoo skin location and at the same time defining the colour and shape of the tattoo.
Tattoos are protected from external influences and harmful sun rays, which is crucial in today’s living conditions. The treatment also allows the skin to breathe, while the butter itself is not greasy and does not burden the skin.
The treatment is intended for everyone who has tattoos on their body, as well as tattoo artists who take care of their clients.

2. How is Tattoo BodyGuard used?

- You may use the Tattoo BodyGuard treatment throughout the year, during colder and warmer periods.
Autumn/winter: If the tattoo is not exposed, apply the treatment 3 to 4 times during 21 days, morning and evening on clean skin.
Spring/Summer: Apply Tattoo Bodyguard butter every day, morning and evening on clean skin to prevent its whitening and skin aging.

3. Can I use Tattoo BodyGuard as soon as I get tattooed?

No. Tattoo BodyGuard treatment is not a healing treatment, it is recommended to be used after the tattoo heals. It is the treatment recommended for long period care after the period of skin healing.
In agreement with your tattoo artist, you will receive instructions for the care of a fresh tattoo, which lasts from three to four weeks. The skin is then especially sensitive and you take care of as advised by the tattoo artist, before you start using Tattoo BodyGuard.
When the layer of skin that is tattooed recovers, and the tattoo start to show in its full splendour, you may start using the Tattoo BodyGuard treatment.

4. My tattoo started to lose colour and also its shape. Is it too late to start using Tattoo BodyGuard?

It’s never too late to start using Tattoo BodyGuard. With regular and proper use of this treatment, your tattoo will show its full splendour again.
After just a few days of regular use you will see a change from a faded and lifeless tattoo and skin, to a shiny and well-groomed tattoo.
Tatto BodyGUard contains Dragosine and NeoActipone Rooibos, which have anti-aging and colour protect properties. The first ingredient is a pure peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis, but also prevents cell damage at the DNA level, while the second ingredient is a plant extract of organic origin that protects the tattoo colour.
With this treatment your tattoo is literally protected in all aspects.

5. I am tattooed on parts of the body that have thin skin, which ages quickly, and my tattoo changes with it. Can Tattoo BodyGuard affect skin care as well, not just the colour and shape?

Tattoo BodyGuard rejuvenates your skin with its great ingredients, because it contains Panthenol. The treatment quickly restores the skin epithelium and prevents the skin damage such as the appearance of scratches or scars.

6. I have a lot of tattoos, but my skin now falls within mature skin category because I am over 45 years old. Is there any age limit for Tattoo BodyGuard users?

Tattoo BodyGuard is intended for all ages and you may freely use this treatment.

7. The skin around my tattoo turns red at some point and itches me. Can Tattoo BodyGuard soothe my skin and not affect my tattoo?

Tattoo BodyGuard has a soothing effect on tattooed skin. It quickly soothes irritation, relieves itching and soothes the skin, but please note that it is not a treatment that is used immediately after tattooing, but when the tattoo heals.

8. I would use Tattoo BodyGuard, but I am afraid how my skin will react to it.

Tattoo BodyGuard does not contain mineral oils, silicones, Vaseline and parabens, which are often problematic in body care products. It is a completely natural product and does not produce negative effects on both the skin and the tattoo.

9. I have dry skin, which is also tattooed. If I start using Tattoo BodyGuard, will it be more hydrated?

Tattoo BodyGuard provides up to 72 hours of prolonged hydration because it contains Hydroviton plus, a complex that contains hyaluronic acid. It is spread quickly on the skin, it is very pleasant, your skin is hydrated and gentle and you will enjoy the Tattoo BodyGuard treatment.
After using the treatment, you will feel improvements such as the softness of the skin under your fingers, and you will notice that the colour of your tattoo is bright and clearly visible again.

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